August 26, 2011

Elegance & Distress

Let's talk a bit about the term "shabby chic" . I have never been super comfortable with this descriptive phrase but after reading a up a bit on it I am beginning to warm up to it. This is the official Wikipedia definition : "Shabby chic is a form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their age and signs of wear and tear or new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. At the same time, a soft, minimalistic, and feminine feel is emphasized to differentiate it from regular vintage decor; hence the "chic" in the name."

What I like about "shabby chic" it's the embracement of wear , patina , and distress. If you have been to my store you might have noticed that I love items with obvious wear and tear from real use . I call it character . There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sterile , prisine , modern home but I prefer a few signs of human presence. Who doesn't love the warm inviting look of a solid wood table with worn edges and all the associated knicks and scratches that accumilate after a few decades of real use by real people. A table that has conveniently broken in by time and human interaction. To truly fit the S.C. definition the table would also have to have some elements of elegance and sophistication. 

Today you can pay a small fortune for a new table or chair at Restoration Hardware or Williams and Sonoma that has been beaten by chains , bleached , rusted , and sanded to look like it is vintage. Why not just buy the real thing? Why outsource the job to third world workers when you can buy a table beaten up by good old Americans from times gone by. It is a lot better for the environment and usually more gentle on the wallet. 

Typically I tend to lean toward the institutional, industrial, and rustic side of the vintage furniture world but I just got in this elegant "Shabby Chic" small parlor couch with plenty of patina in all the right places. It features a decadent cream silk / jacquard like fabric and hand carved wood details on the exposed frame. The glamorous fringe surrounding the base is th icing on the cake. Sound too stuffy for you? Then throw in a few decades of wear and tear to subtly remind you of our impermanence and the fact everything eventually fades. Fortunately, this sofa is clean and comfortable with plenty of spring left in it. The majority of wear is tastefully limited to the arms where it actually looks great. 

Fashion photographer David Wentworth visited my store in search of an elegant but rustic set motif and ended up using the sofa for one of his recent fashion shoots. Below are a few of the shots. More pics can be found on my facebook page or on craigslist. It measures 58" long by 31" deep and is 17" tall at the seat, 28" at the arms and 31" in back . It is priced at $495.00

May 13, 2011

Mini-view with Todd Werny, owner of Space Oddity….

Q: What got you interested in vintage furniture?

A: “I have always been transfixed by the past.  At a very young age old objects and artifacts intrigued me. There is something about holding an old thing your hand.  Or to sit in a chair that has survived for many years. It takes my mind’s imagination to that time. Who made it? Why did they choose to design it the way they did. Who owned it? What were they like back then? I guess vintage stuff has always been a tool I have used to express sentimentality toward the past. I grew up being infatuated with the 1950’s. Switchblades, hot rods, James Dean, surfer girls, ( the more stereotypical  mid century icons ).  I have always loved to wander through flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and dusty old thrift stores. Looking for treasures and glimpses of a simpler time. I lived in suburban Delaware in the 70’s and was not happy with my surroundings. To put it in a nutshell…That unhappiness led me to punk rock and skateboarding which in turn led me to the fashion and style throwbacks of the 1950’s that permeated the punk rock/new wave scene of the 70’s and 80’s.”

April 30, 2011

Spread the Love

Thanks to InCircle Interiors for their great review about the Space Oddity experience! You can check out the blog post about us here and of course browse the rest of their site for some fun interior design tips and tricks!

April 7, 2011

Breath New Life Into Your Landline

Add a pop of color to your home with one of these cool vintage phones we just got in at Space Oddity. Give your thumbs a break and take a turn using a rotary dial the good old fashioned way. It's fun! 







March 31, 2011

Get Organized The Old School Way

Last week Todd brought in four 1950/60's metal file cabinets for a good ol' scrub down and wax.

If you're looking for a way to get in a little spring cleaning and organize your office these are a great quick fix! These babies are built to last , three by "Steelcase" and one by "Goodform", and will help transform your space in all their Mad Men-style glory.

Check out our Craigslist ad for more photo details, measurements, and prices.

March 24, 2011

March 19, 2011

Big Changes At Space Oddity Vintage

Welcome all to our new Space Oddity Vintage blog. Now there are even MORE ways to stay updated on what's happening at your favorite neighborhood vintage furniture shop! Our goal is to give a more intimate look into the going ons of our shop including up and coming furniture pieces, any special sales events, restoration projects in the works by Todd Werny (owner and oddities picker extraordinaire), in addition to any other interesting bits that happens to peak our interest.

While we work away at getting the blog up and running, you can satisfy your mid-century modern needs  by checking out our Facebook page here and searching "space oddity" on Craigslist to see a current listing of larger items available in our shop.

And of course feel free to come say hi at our shop in Ballard! And if you've never been in to the store before, here is a helpful link to our Yelp page where you can read what others have been saying about us!

We've also recently expanded into a new wing of the store and are now able to display tons more items to make your visit really worth your while. So come check it out!

As a side note, I've got a bit of a Hipstamatic iPhone app addiction. So you'll be seeing quite a bit of that style of photo on our blog in the future. Enjoy :)