May 13, 2011

Mini-view with Todd Werny, owner of Space Oddity….

Q: What got you interested in vintage furniture?

A: “I have always been transfixed by the past.  At a very young age old objects and artifacts intrigued me. There is something about holding an old thing your hand.  Or to sit in a chair that has survived for many years. It takes my mind’s imagination to that time. Who made it? Why did they choose to design it the way they did. Who owned it? What were they like back then? I guess vintage stuff has always been a tool I have used to express sentimentality toward the past. I grew up being infatuated with the 1950’s. Switchblades, hot rods, James Dean, surfer girls, ( the more stereotypical  mid century icons ).  I have always loved to wander through flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and dusty old thrift stores. Looking for treasures and glimpses of a simpler time. I lived in suburban Delaware in the 70’s and was not happy with my surroundings. To put it in a nutshell…That unhappiness led me to punk rock and skateboarding which in turn led me to the fashion and style throwbacks of the 1950’s that permeated the punk rock/new wave scene of the 70’s and 80’s.”